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Saphal Parmar
Community Building
How Communities are a Goldmine for Advocacy and Engagement – Insights From Community (re)Focus, 2021
Community experts from across the globe unravel the nitty-gritty of brand advocacy in an insightful session on ‘How Communities are a Goldmine of Advocacy and Engagement’ at Community (re)Focus, 2021. Unveil their secrets here
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Ashish Suyal
Contributor Community Building
Mapping User Psychology in Online Communities – Insights From Community (re)Focus, 2021
Attracting new users to your community is a tough nut to crack. And keeping them hooked is an even more difficult job. The internet is brimming with ideas to engage and retain your customers, but they can only take you so far.

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Momo Bakhde
Water Cooler Talks
Would rather fail trying out something new than not
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Harish Kumar
Digital Marketing
When should we choose our Growth Hacks and When to Stop
There are a million way to reach our target audience. Multiple sites that allow content generation for SEO. Community platforms, social media and whatnot. Press releases and newsletters are another path and for softwares, getting featured in respective App Stores is just epic.
But one thing we need to know is when to stop.
Learn from the response you are getting from your audience. If some channels fail, don’t hesitate to stop using it. Pick the social media platform that suits you the best, whether it is LinkedIn or maybe Instagram.
But the essence remains that you should never ever stop all channels.
One more thing to keep in mind is that your brand/organisation/product will evolve.
As it moves to the next stage of development, another channel may just be the best channel to include or maybe even switch onto.
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Harish Kumar
A big mistake to avoid in engagement
When we manage a community, we expect everyone to have a common goal or mutual interests. So we expect them to initiate conversation and vuild engagement. Don’t forget. Everyone is social, but equally lazy. People initiate conversation. But if no one responds, they will just give up.
Always be active in your community. Encourage conversation and if there is nothing to converse about, be the one initiating conversation.
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Jash Gangor
Growth Hacks
Why gaming communities taught me a lot
People who play games are people who need something to do. More often than not, communities are formed for games that are based on party systems (multiple users playing together).
The need and goal for the community ends there itself. People have a reason to engage. They have a need to look for co-players.
Besides that they also have a lot of questions about the intricacies of the game. This thing is easily resolved by community members.

On the other hand, community members are active and loyal because they have experienced the difficulties of fending for themselves alone, firsthand. They need assistance always, so they will assist always in return.

When creating communities, identifying the need and goals of the community is vital. Without it, you are definitely going to be aimless.
That's what I learnt, being a community manager for multiple games and what I wish to share with people who are unfamiliar with it.
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