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Siobhan Flanigan
3/26 Microsoft Answers Community Team Live Q&A on LinkedIn

I work on Microsoft's community team and wanted to share an event with you that our VP is running on Friday, March 26th. (I don't seem to have permission to create an event and so made this as a discussion post.)

We aren't selling anything or promoting any products. It is a live Q&A with the Microsoft community team to share our experience with others.

Here's more information about the event.

? Join us on LinkedIn, Friday, March 26th at 9:15 AM PST for a 45-minute live stream session with the Microsoft Answers Community team and Gabriele “G” Masili, the VP & CTO of Customer Experience & Success.

The Microsoft Answers Community is focused on helping a billion visitors a year in 24 languages across 22 product categories.

 We’ll tell you more about who we are, how we increased our success rates while cutting costs, and what challenges we face. Ask the team about our approach to translation, content archival, quality management, engaging with volunteers, and measuring ROI.

To attend the live stream:
1. Connect with Gabriele "?" Masili on LinkedIn (do this early, which will give you access to attend the live session) 
2. Look for the notification when he goes live on Friday or visit his profile and find the link there
3. Enjoy and ask your questions!
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