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Martha Essien
Community Building
Channeling Engagement
I came up with ways to maximize the engagement we were having in my community (P.S. it's a new community).

1. I introduced members interview and that will be running for 2 months. 1 member feature each week.

2. I began to move them to an exclusive space (the Community is currently on Instagram). Used the bait of receiving FREE advice on something they're all struggling with. That has been great so far.

3. I'm working on a product that solves their greatest need and then I'd sell it to them (monetization).

That's been it so far. Any idea you love, go ahead and replicate in your community.

Love is sharing, yunno? ??❤️

Special shout-out to Biswajeeta Rath , Rosemary ONeill and Ramnath Shenoy for helping me with awesome suggestions.
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