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Harshitha reddy
Community Building
#TIP OF THE DAY A moderation mandate that should be practised for any community in case of any inappropriate content, is the NMRA RULE!
1st step: You NOTIFY the member that the content posted by them is inappropriate and for that reason.

2nd step: As a moderator, You MODERATE the content that has been reported as spam or sends it to the admin to take a further call on the reported content, while making sure the user knows that their post is under scrutiny.

3rd step: You REMOVE content that is deemed inappropriate for the community, and you notify the user that the post or content generated by the user has been hidden from the community.

4th step: You can also APPROVE the post after the moderator chooses to edit the content and make it suitable for the community. The member can be notified of the respective changes that have been made and can be published as a post in the community.
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