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Kishoraditya Chaudhari
Community Building
I have been working with many covid initiatives, few were fore sighted and grew accordingly, but many were very focused on helping people they didn't think about how this initiative will pan out once covid is over/ reduced. And many of them are thinking about converting it to communities, so they can continue to help people!

The only type of engagement that was being done for the last two months on the channel
1. Creating frameworks to assign "work" to volunteers, so it was only related to covid work
2. small watercooler like converstaions at random

the problem
1. now that covid is reduced, people have lost interest and have went offline,
2. the moderators tried hosting events, chatting 1 on 1 with the members (I am not sure what type of feedback did they get from it, yet), hosting fun activities, etc

So how can we revive such a community!? Any ideas? or would it be better to make it as an organization kind of thing?

3. Moderators say, they want them to be working as they were before for humanitarian and disaster relief causes, and would like to make it sort of not for profit community with that cause

my observation:
1. they have worked a lot in a very heavy, strict value driven but limited framework,
2. moderators as a community couldn't provide enough value from their end
3. they need something more than "work" to be engaged and enthusiastic
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