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Deepak Kumar Prabakaran
Community Building
New Joinee: Deepak from Habitate, India.
Hello everyone! I am excited to be here; thanks for the invite Parul. Thank you for putting up this community for community makers. I suppose that's how we call them moving forward, not Community builders.

I am Deepak, founder@Habitate, a seed-stage VC-backed startup from India working to help people like you and brands to build a community around what they do. We want to be the Shopify for community building. I have an interesting story to share on what made us start this company. I will share it soon with you all, maybe next post.

Personally, I started my career as a teacher then turned into a programmer. After a year into development, I worked as a marketer then started my first venture in 2016. I am good at UI UX, consulted a little over 50 brands in the last 3 years. I love reading books, and I watch a movie a day. As a hobby, I run a club called the, where I introduce makers and early adopters.

Again, I am excited to be part of this community and contribute however I can.

Ask me anything you want to know more about.
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