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Sheldon Chorattil
Community Building
Community Strategy - Why is it important?
It's not easy to come up with a solid idea. But the real challenge lies in executing it.
The same is true for communities. Planning and strategy is critical to success.
Instead of reacting to changes in the community and making adjustments, the right approach is to create a well-thought plan to achieve the goals of the community.
Whether it is engagement or acquisition, the last thing we need is a sudden surprise to ruin our plans.

A strategy should have 3 major stages to avoid such a situation.

1. The original plan
The plan you need to achieve your desired metrics.

2. The contingency plan
The plan you have in place in case you see a drop or face a crisis.

3. The future plan
After achieving your goals, you cannot let things fizzle out. You need to think about where you plan to take things after that as well.
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