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Anupam Kaushik
Community Building
How I made my first community from scratch and hosted the education giants?
After having loads of discussions with Parul as I was trying to observe what are the key challenges for community makers,

I entered the community with a notion to observe,

But the moment I came in here, I saw a post by someone that had a similar title. I went to Medium and read her post. It was a nice post.

We really need such sharing.

I think Parul has done an incredible job by creating such a nice platform where people are not living in their own silos, they are coming out and they are sharing

and so I also thought, why not I also share the post here that was reminded to me (because of the similar title, the one that I wrote long ago).

I feel, it needs an update and upgrade, will do that tonight

But I am really happy to share it here for this community
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