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My Aha moments as a community builder in the year 2021
My aha moments as a community builder in the year 2021


In 2021, I left a mark on my working life. These are the times when I smiled and pondered. In this reflection, I'll share these events with you.

1 / Discussions with my professional network, as well as the #ADMP community, whom I have proudly served since 2015: I have to inform you that you will have the most meaningful conversations in the world if you have an open and empathetic mind. You recognize you're surrounded by people who care about you and share your viewpoints. My self-confidence bank is multiplied at the end of such days, and vice versa.

2 / When you have an idea, you must maintain your self-confidence: I had considered arranging the first community virtual event in our Facebook group with the Trainers and Coaches.I suddenly came to a standstill to allow the project to evolve. I continued to conduct member surveys to determine the importance of this initiative. Yes, this is crucial for them! 2021 opened my eyes to the fact that communities may be used to teach and educate entrepreneurs. On December 11, 2021, the #Askaalive project resumed! I'm more confident than I've ever been.

3 / Curation and content creation are life-changing tools: Imagine my reaction when a member says to me, "I've invested in cryptocurrency!" It was because of the inspiring content you provided. It's beneficial to have an audience. However, making a difference in other people's lives is preferable. People who join communities have an impact on their life.

4 / Getting out of my comfort zone: A genuine click! While others stayed in their comfort zones, I dared to do things as a community builder that I had never done before. Many businesses, institutions, and organizations are unaware that humanizing communication is critical to developing a long-term trust relationship. People enjoy seeing human faces, places, and other tactile objects.

For me, 2022 will be a year of achievement!

Here are the TOP 4 of the great moments that I lived in 2021!

Happy New Year 2022!

Share in the comments your best moments in 2021!
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