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Sana Sachdeva
Community Building
Web 3.0: Creating Future-Ready Online Communities
From the day I've started to hear about Web 3.0, NFt's, Crypto and all these ever changing innovations, I've always looked forward to learn and understand more about these technologies and to share our views and hear what you guys think about it, we are organizing a LIVE WEBINAR on August 04,2022 - Web 3.0: Creating Future-Ready Online Communities and of course we are joined by none other than
@Todd Nilson
Highlights :
What is Web 3.0, and How Will It Impact the Community Space?
Web 3.0: A Fad or a Fact?
Rowing Into Web 3.0 from Web 2.0: The Transformation and the Benefits
Web 3.0 and the Future of Communities
Here's the registration link-
It would be an absolute delight to see you guys there !:slightly_smiling_face::heart: (edited)
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