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Harshitha reddy
Growth Hacks
There are typically 4 influence areas/ motivators that every member usually observes and learns from!

1. Moderation -

Flexible moderation controls that do not micro-manage communities are great motivators to allow members to freely express themselves. Encourage more positive contributions and avoid undesired actions made by members. This will positively (without demotivating users) steer them towards the goals you want to achieve.

2. Events and Activities -

Events and activities motivate members to enhance and increase their participation leading to more proactiveness. Challenging your members through activities will be a great way of steering participation as well.

3. Relationships within the community -

Invest time in building relationships with your super-users, these key users will be the ones who take up the desired action required from the community. Once this core group of users start taking action, others will soon follow.

4. Content -

Content is the biggest influence area among all 4. You can use content to provide focus on the actions you wish to take. Though indirect it is the best way to achieve your community goals. You can give more voice and rewards to members who are leaning towards the agenda thus encouraging more members to make positive contributions and causing a ripple effect to achieve the goals of the community.

Shout out to Richard Millington an inspiration, for his insightful articles on members' social behaviour within a community!
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