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Featured on 26 Mar, 2021
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Parul Gupta
Growth Hacks
Your community engagement strategies should ensure that members feel they are part of the community (and not left out).
Here are a few ideas I feel every community can implement to make sure that members get the feeling of belongingness. Some of the activities below take less than five minutes.

Shout-Outs: Celebrate members on their achievements or for attempting something difficult
Friendly Fridays: Watercooler talks are a simple way for members to lift each other and themselves up
Re-Share Tweets: Create a template & enlist the top 3 most useful tweets from the day. Share it with the members
Snowball Toss: Let the discussions happen around the stress in the community too. Give your members a room to talk about the problems they are facing.
Roses & Thorns: Invite your members to share one positive and one negative experience they had in the community.
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