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Share targeted resources, community engagement strategies & credible research that are crucial for building and nurturing the community
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Myimagine Store
Myimagine Apple Premium Reseller India
Myimagine is an online Apple store, dealing in all Apple products and accessories. This is a best place to buy all Apple products because this is one stop shop for all Apple items. All products are safe because it is factory packed, we are also running Apple Service Centers in different cities & states of India. For best offers on Apple products
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Amisha Makkar
Integrate Community and CRM - Customer Retention and Engagement
Attention Community Users and Community Managers

Are you looking for ways to skyrocket your community engagement and retention?
Look no further!

I want to share with you an essential strategy that can increase community engagement by a staggering 30%

Integrating your community with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Introducing KaseSync - The Ultimate Community and CRM Connector -

Let me explain why this integration is crucial for your community's success:
- Streamlined Data Management
- Boost in Customer Retention
- Time-saving automation
- Improved analytics and insights
- Automatic Post to Case Escalation
- Proactive Member Engagement

Don't let the lack of CRM integration hold back the growth and success of your community.

Take the leap and integrate your community with CRM today. Unleash the full potential of your community, foster meaningful connections, and drive exponential growth in engagement.

kasesync -kasesync -
KaseSync | Online Community and CRM Integration
Create a bi-directional integration between your community and CRM with KaseSync. Enable easy case management and deliver exemplary CX.
Sana Sachdeva
Spearheading Into the Future With Community-Based Marketing (CBM)
Whether you're an #entrepreneur, #marketer, or #business owner, you want to develop authentic #connections, meet #customer expectations, and provide unique #content right?

This is where the role of #community-based #marketing comes into play. By exploring this ebook, you can gain valuable insights into how #cbm can drive #business #growth , enhance #customer #relationships, and help you stay ahead in today's competitive landscape.

Here's the link-

#onlinecommunities #communityengagement #communitymarketing #communitymanagement
Sana Sachdeva
Elevate your Community Experience with Salesforce Experience Cloud
Here's the Registration link-

As a community enthusiast we always run after giving the best customer experience right?

Join us on 16th February at 9:00 AM PST where we'll talk about the latest best practices for leveraging the Salesforce Experience Cloud to optimize customer experiences, Gamification and streamline customer communications.

Hope to see you there !
Sana Sachdeva
{Fireside Chat} Elevate your Community Experience with Salesforce Experience Cloud

What is it that your community members want?

The answer to this question can be subjective, but one thing is consistent-constant development and exemplary CX delivery!

Today, just building a community isn’t enough. You must stay on top of your game and exceed your community members’ expectations to keep them coming back. And, the best way to do it? By elevating your community experience using Salesforce Experience Cloud.
Ashish Suyal
Contributor Community Building
Community (re)Focus 2022
Hi Everyone

We’re delighted to invite you to yet another edition of our virtual conference - Community (re)Focus, 2022.

Gear up to witness an amazing line-up of speakers from diverse industries who will share their expert take on topics like:

From 0 to Community in 4 Weeks: A Strategy That Even Your CFO Will Love!
Community Management: An Art or a Science?
Chief Community Officer is the New CMO. A Fad or a Fact?
And more…

Experience twice the fun with insightful keynotes, panel discussions, AMA sessions, and a lot more.

Register now to witness all the community fun!
Sana Sachdeva
Web 3.0: Creating Future-Ready Online Communities
From the day I've started to hear about Web 3.0, NFt's, Crypto and all these ever changing innovations, I've always looked forward to learn and understand more about these technologies and to share our views and hear what you guys think about it, we are organizing a LIVE WEBINAR on August 04,2022 - Web 3.0: Creating Future-Ready Online Communities and of course we are joined by none other than
@Todd Nilson
Highlights :
What is Web 3.0, and How Will It Impact the Community Space?
Web 3.0: A Fad or a Fact?
Rowing Into Web 3.0 from Web 2.0: The Transformation and the Benefits
Web 3.0 and the Future of Communities
Here's the registration link-
It would be an absolute delight to see you guys there !:slightly_smiling_face::heart: (edited)
Ruche Mittal
Gamification on Community
Guys looking to learn from your experience - what are the fun tags or ways to work with gamification on community...
Favour Emmanuel
New member
Hello Everyone,?my name is Favour,I'm a new member..I'm happy for the opportunity given to me to connect with great minds on this platform.
Asad M
Hey folks, found this super interesting document written by Brian Odblinger and two others, a document about starting your community from scratch and launching it.

Hope you'll find it useful.

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