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SEO done right can result in increased community visibility & traffic that directly converts to more leads & a higher probability of more customers.
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Harish Kumar
When should we choose our Growth Hacks and When to Stop
There are a million way to reach our target audience. Multiple sites that allow content generation for SEO. Community platforms, social media and whatnot. Press releases and newsletters are another path and for softwares, getting featured in respective App Stores is just epic.
But one thing we need to know is when to stop.
Learn from the response you are getting from your audience. If some channels fail, don’t hesitate to stop using it. Pick the social media platform that suits you the best, whether it is LinkedIn or maybe Instagram.
But the essence remains that you should never ever stop all channels.
One more thing to keep in mind is that your brand/organisation/product will evolve.
As it moves to the next stage of development, another channel may just be the best channel to include or maybe even switch onto.
Sheldon Chorattil
Trends or Evergreen: Which is better?
Trending topics are short-termed content that generates active and interest. It makes use of a concept or theme that is viral currently.

Evergreen content does not have a start or end. They will always be important, but need regular edits to be up to date. There are plenty of evergreen content. What matters most is which one is more detailed and meaningful.

Making use of both is the ideal strategy.

If you have to focus on either one type, choose trends only if you can be constant and repeatedly post new content as and when new content arises.

Evergreen content does not need to be as frequent, but when it is generated, it needs to be well-crafted.
Sheldon Chorattil
Last-minute Social Media Strategies for Black Friday & Cyber Monday
Momo Bakhde
The Golden Book for Digital Marketing
Learn how to rank higher on google with this checklist
Smriti Tanwar
What is the "ROI of Content Marketing"?
As a content marketer, we often get challenged with this question by the client: How do I know that my investment in content will guarantee a positive return?

When it comes to content marketing, I see at least 5 different areas where we can generate "returns":

‣ Our articles rank in google and generate consistent leads
‣ our content let past customers re-visit: emailing new features
‣ Our content helps with revenue expansion with more sales
‣ Our content makes people discuss things around
‣ Our content takes some load off the customer support team
Sagar Khandelwal
Learn Web Development Online...
10 websites that will help you learn Web Development online -
1. FreeCodeCamp - ?
2. Udemy - ?
3. Treehouse - ?
4. W3 Schools - ?
5. Lynda .com - ?
6. The Odin Project - ?
7. Coursera - ?
8. Codewars - ?
9. Pluralsight - ?
10. Traversy Media - ?
Sagar Khandelwal
How does SEO Work?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website for better search engine results. 

To understand the concepts of Digital Marketing and learn, feel free to connect with me on my number 7703995071 ?
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