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Digital Marketing
SEO done right can result in increased community visibility & traffic that directly converts to more leads & a higher probability of more customers.
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Smriti Tanwar
Digital Marketing
What is the "ROI of Content Marketing"?
As a content marketer, we often get challenged with this question by the client: How do I know that my investment in content will guarantee a positive return?

When it comes to content marketing, I see at least 5 different areas where we can generate "returns":

‣ Our articles rank in google and generate consistent leads
‣ our content let past customers re-visit: emailing new features
‣ Our content helps with revenue expansion with more sales
‣ Our content makes people discuss things around
‣ Our content takes some load off the customer support team
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Sagar Khandelwal
Digital Marketing
Learn Web Development Online...
10 websites that will help you learn Web Development online -
1. FreeCodeCamp - 🆓
2. Udemy - 💸
3. Treehouse - 💸
4. W3 Schools - 🆓
5. Lynda .com - 💸
6. The Odin Project - 🆓
7. Coursera - 🆓
8. Codewars - 🆓
9. Pluralsight - 💸
10. Traversy Media - 🆓
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Sagar Khandelwal
Digital Marketing
How does SEO Work?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website for better search engine results. 

To understand the concepts of Digital Marketing and learn, feel free to connect with me on my number 7703995071 😇
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