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Our legit community makers deserve all the appreciation in the world. Share with us your community story/tip/hack & we would love to feature your hard work
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Harshitha reddy
Hey Fam, meet this passionate communitarian!
Saksham is an experienced community head who works in the Devrel industry and is passionate about product management along with managing developer communities!
Community values he thrives on:
- Help each other in the community
- Access to free knowledge with the community
- Network and connect with folks
- Learn from others
- Have fun in the community while attending meetups/events

Welcome to the TCM family Saksham Taneja :)
Any questions you'll have for him please do comment below.
Bhavana Sringeri
Hello TCM Fam, let’s hear from Jaison, on “What strategies did you first use to market your business?”
Jaison is a digital marketing expert and co-founder of Blusteak Media. He's also the #1 voice on LinkedIn in '21. Jaison's accomplishments are truly remarkable and outstanding.
A brief introduction about Jaison in his own words: I co-founded a digital creative agency called Blusteak Media while I was at college. Now we are an acclaimed group of the digital creative marketing team working on some crazy & challenging projects for ambitious brands.
jaison thomas thank you so much for sharing this. Fam, please comment with any questions you have!
Parul Gupta
Meet this new Community Manager in the space!
Nandini Diagarajan is building a product community for Kissflow.

Her community is focused on helping the members get more familiar with the product and announce all the new product features. She also swears high on how much the community is helping her with a better product roadmap.

Community Values she thrives on:

Inspire new community members.
Share knowledge with others.
Learn from one another.
Connect & make new friends.

Connect with her if you are looking for someone managing a product community! She has got some amazing engagement ideas too :)
Parul Gupta
An invite-only platform for community builders in Europe!
Monica Moldovan is a leader bringing people together and Co-creating with her community!
Coming from a project management background, she is a community builder by choice and thrives to become a community expert!

"The idea of creating a community of community builders came after talking with a few of my peers and realizing that I am not the only one who wants to connect and exchange with other community builders."

Her community is presently on Entnest and is invite-only. To be a part, reach out to Monica personally! :)
Parul Gupta
ADMP: A Pan-African Virtual Incubator
"The first thing a community needs are people who believe in your vision."

It was insightful interacting with MIREILLE KOOH last week as she talks about the community she is building and the rituals she is following to keep the community engaged.

Kooh believes that ADMP is a community with huge potential. She remains flexible to changes in the entrepreneurial and business environment and modifies the community approach accordingly.

Here's the link to join:
Aristide ZONGO
Digital inclusion
Hello everyone , 
I founded a web agency in 2018 with the ambition of making digital marketing accessible for Informal businesses . We are providing low costs or free digital marketing services to such entities . 

We expect that such initiative will help them grow their businesses quick. It should also participate to the digital inclusion objective necessary for our developing economies.
Parul Gupta
Voice of Women - A community about sisterhood
Thank you Varalakshmi Dwaraknath for sharing about your community with us❤️

VOW- Voice of Women is a community that is helping women and giving them moral support by listening to them without any judgement or creating an opportunity for them to share and be heard. The end goal of VOW is to build a digital forum that empowers women to share their stories and bring in brands to support women financially through CSR or via brand partnerships for a cause. 
Parul Gupta
This community manager is building a circle of influence
With an online community of 30 members, Aaron Weber is mentoring community managers to build the leadership of empathy and love.

The community is a close-knit group, where you can share what's going on in your community as you lead it, as well as if you have personal things you are dealing with. The members support each other well, provide encouragement, accountability, and learn from each other.

 His entire focus is on to provide a lot of the teaching and content and let members share their own experiences so everyone in the community can connect and grow together. 
Parul Gupta
The How and Why Of Building A Community
A meaningful shared community-building experience by Neena Jha Choudhary :

It was 2016 and it was almost a year being a hands-on mom and I was totally overwhelmed with the challenges that it brought. I was in search of a support system with women in a similar situation and I stumbled upon the idea of creating a WhatsApp community.

I did it with full enthusiasm and started engaging actively. I assumed that once I did the initial engagement, the community would run in an auto-pilot mode.
Within a month, the group became silent, I was demotivated and it all fell flat. I blamed the members and forgot about the whole experience.

Soon after, I joined a parenting community and I somehow knew what it would be like. Cut to 2021, this community is still going strong, adding members, engaging, and providing value to its audience. Such a contrast taught me the following:

Community building and engagement could be a brilliant marketing idea for individuals and businesses, provided it has:
✓ A clear objective
✓ A superb engagement strategy that answers "what's in it for me" for its members
✓ Time and patience for bringing in the required momentum
✓ Clear rules
Parul Gupta
Know your community, grow your influencers
Romana Benkova way of community management is : balance between your appreciation of data and your love for the players.

"Our influencers are the players dedicated to the game and to their players' community. They are the community leaders, the voice of the players and you can even help them to increase their level of influence. For us, they are the ambassadors, the communication partners and the allies in talking to our players." 
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